Welcome to the fascinating world of Numerology. In the beginning, only cosmic energy was present. It was a huge energy that was not in measurable format. Later, this energy started assuming various forms like galaxies, stars, planets, animals, birds, plants etc. While taking these forms, the energy has divided itself into measurable units. Every object which was derived from the huge energy still carries a particular sound and frequency. These various sound frequencies are represented by numbers from 1 to 9 and alphabets from a to z.


'Numerology' represents science of numbers. Numerology studies the numbers, their frequencies and how they affect the human beings. They are like 'mantras' which have sounds and frequencies which affect the lives of human beings. Indian Hindus were first to develop mantras as well as numbers. Millions of years ago, mantras and numbers were used in Hindu Vedas which are the most ancient forms of knowledge. 10,000 years ago, the Hindu sage Pingala used binary number system to interpret Vedas. From India, the knowledge of these mantras and numbers has spread to Chaldeans, Hebrews, Egyptians, Arabics and Chinese. Later, western people too adopted this science. Hence, today we see different forms of Numerology like Indian Numerology, Chaldean Numerology, Chinese Numerology and Western Numerology.

It marks the beginning of civilization when human beings started counting. They started from 1 which indicates the beginning and then 2 which indicates the duality. In this way, counting is done up to 9 after which 10 comes. Thus 9 indicates accumulation of all numbers from 1 to 8. The number 0 is another mystery. This number on its own does not have any value. But, when added after any number, it increases the value of that number. Hence, in Numerology the number 0 represents cycle of good and bad events.

When we think deeply, we can understand that every transaction in our life is associated with numbers. Mathematics was developed from numbers and all other sciences were developed based on Mathematics. The latest technologies like engineering, computers, robotics etc. are not possible without numbers.

Since each number resonates with a frequency, when a person is born on so and so date and time, the numbers represented in that date and time will also have definite influence on that person's life. For example, a person born on January 1st will have a different characteristics compared to those of a person born on June 29th since the numbers involved in these dates of birth are different.


Astrology represents study of stars and planets and their effects on human beings. The energy comes from every planet contains a frequency which is linked with numbers. By erecting the Astrology chart (horoscope) of an individual, we can understand which planet is currently influencing the person and whether it is good or bad. By combining Numerology with the horoscope, we can assess the exact events in the life of the person. This field is called Astro-Numerology.


Just like a number has sound and frequency, every letter in the alphabet is also having a sound and frequency. By observing this link, our ancient seers have connected letters with numbers. Thus two people having different names will exhibit different characteristics since the frequencies in those names are different. When a name is filled with bad frequencies, the person is bound to face troubles in life. This rises to an idea that by changing the name, we can change our destiny. This is the root idea behind 'Nameology' or name science.

This site is primarily dedicated to the study of Numerology, Astro-Numerology and Nameology and to use these sciences to the welfare of the individuals in achieving better success in their lives.

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