Most of the people feel that they got their names by chance. It is not correct! Your name has been selected by you before your birth! It means you are coming into this world with a name of your choice!

Every human being will take birth after birth. The reason why we are taking many births is to increase the maturity level of our soul by experimenting with various things and thereby gaining understanding on various issues. This will increase the maturity level of the soul such that one day the soul will find that there is nothing that it cannot understand. Such a soul is called 'elevated soul'. So, our primary target is to become elevated souls.

Before taking birth, any soul will decide the following things:

The soul will decide these details depending upon which type of experiences it wants to take in the coming birth.

The soul will decide these factors depending on 'vaasanaas' (the likes and dislikes carried from its previous births). For example, a soul which has already born in a rich family would like to take birth in a poor family in the next birth so that it will experience the agony of poor people. This will help the soul to increase its maturity level.

After the birth of the child, when the parents contemplate on a name for the child, often they get attracted to some name instantly. This is nothing but the same name already selected by the child's soul before taking birth. This is the reason they were dragged towards that name strongly. Parents may think that it is their choice but that was the choice of their child!

The date and time of the birth will decide the planetary positions at the time of birth. Planets will decide the crucial events that the soul has to experience. After getting this whole picture, the soul will enter the mother's womb.

The name of the person is very important because it carries the karmic information from previous birth. Numerology can explain the hidden information contained in the name of a person. It is possible to have a bird's eye view of the previous birth of the person, the good and bad things done by him in the previous birth, their effects in this life etc. with the help of Numerology. When the name of a person is decoded using Numerology, we will get some final numbers which provide clues regarding the destiny of the person. This is called Nameology or Name science.

Nameology is part of Numerology. While Numerology depends on the date, month and year of birth of the person, Nameology focuses on the name of the person. When we combine Numerology with Nameology, we will have a holistic picture of the person's individual capabilities, success or failure and possible events in his life.

Nameology allots a number (or digit) for each letter in the alphabets. The sum of all digits in a name will give a final number which is called the 'name number' or 'destiny number'.

Astrology, Astronomy, Palmistry and Numerology flourished in India crores of years ago. These subjects had gone to other countries and were absorbed by other cultures. For example, Chaldeans, Greeks and Chinese learned these subjects and preserved them for ages.

The following are the numbers allotted to alphabets in Indian Vedic Nameology. The same system is used by Chaldean Nameology.

A,I,J,Q,Y 1
B,K,R 2
C,G,L,S 3
D,M,T 4
E,H,N,X 5
U,V,W 6
O,Z 7
F,P 8

Swami Vivekananda, the light of India

Let us see the effect of Chaldean Nameology with an example. Swami Vivekananda, the Indian Saint who spread real Vedanta (the essence of Vedas) to the world was born on 12th January 1863. Let us calculate his birth numbers as follows:

His birth single number = total of birth date = 12 = 1+2 = 3.
His birth compound number = total of date, month and year = 1+2+1+1+8+6+3 = 22 = 4.

His birth single number is 3 and compound number is 4. According to Vedic Numerology, 3 indicates leaders and philosophers. 4 indicates reconstructing new systems useful to the society. Thus, his birth numbers indicate that he was born with a mission to give new interpretation to the existing Indian Vedic philosophy.

Vivekananda's original name given at birth was Narendra Nath. Let us decode this name according to Vedic Numerology system:

Narendra = 5+1+2+5+5+4+2+1 = 25.
Nath = 5+1+4+5 = 15.

The name Narendra Nath gives number 40 in Vedic System. The single digit of 40 is 4+0 = 4. Now his birth and name numbers are 3, 4, 40 and 4. Here, the number 4 dominates. Also, the number 4 clashes with the number 3 so that the good qualities of 3 are lost. In the ancient texts, the number 4 is allotted to the planet Rahu. This planet always drives the person towards mundane affairs like money, women and luxuries. So, the name Narendra Nath shows that he is born to enjoy the worldly comforts.

Any Guru (divine guide) can easily foresee the future of his disciples. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, the Guru of Narendra Nath did not want him to go after the worldly affairs. He wanted Narendra Nath to progress in the spiritual path. Hence, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa changed the name of Narendra Nath as Vivekananda at the time of giving sanyaasa (renunciation).

Vivekananda = 6+1+6+5+2+1+5+1+5+4+1 = 37.

The name Vivekananda has number 37 = 10 = 1. Now, the birth and name numbers of Vivekananda are 3, 4, 37 and 1. Here there is no domination of the number 4. The number 37 represents spiritual growth and leadership qualities. 1 indicates the strength of the soul to begin and carry out new projects. The combination of 3 and 1 gives success in attaining the life goal. Vivekananda lived for 39 years and gave what India should follow for the next 500 years!