Numerology is the most popular and admired science now-a-days. People from all over the world are falling in love with Numerology owing to its simplicity and effective results. Through Numerology, a person can understand his strengths and weaknesses, his psychology, his wealth and health, and the good and bad periods in his life. Thus he will be able to handle the events in his life in a better manner. This leads to success and contentment.

You may wonder if there is a need of another website on Numerology when there are several websites already flooding the Internet on the same subject. The first reason is that most of the websites as on today are confined only to provide basic information on Numerology. They do not have their own research on this subject. What they provide in the sites is the copy - paste information from some basic level books like those of Chiero. This information may be useful to create some awareness on the subject but it is not certainly foolproof.

The second reason is that the Numerology system followed by the websites is not suitable for guiding the people. For example, you can observe that most of the websites from India use only Chaldean system and most of the websites from USA follow only Pythagoras system. I can say both are wrong. If you follow only one system, you are limiting your view to a particular angle. A narrow view is more dangerous than not having any knowledge.

Most of the websites are not run by real Numerologists. You can see several websites which do not tell you who their Numerologist is. When you contact them, since they do not have a Numerologist, they provide you with a computer generated report. This report is not for you. It is a general report for many people like you and hence you cannot depend on it. Please suspect that if anyone is giving you several pages of report, it might be from a computer since it is impossible for a human to type such a report manually.

numerologydesk.com is a premier website that is totally dedicated to the study of Numerology and its allied sciences like Nameology, Graphology, Signaturology, Pronology and Astro-Numerology. This site is developed by me as a sister site for askastrologer.com, to create proper awareness on Numerology and share the fruits of my research with you. The following are the highlights of numerologydesk.com:

This website gives original information on Numerology and its related sciences that is not copy-pasted from any other books or sites. It contains information based on my research. Hence you will get trustworthy information.

This site follows both the Chaldean and Pythagoras systems of Numerology and integrates them in arriving at accurate conclusions. Unless these two systems are integrated, you will never get proper guidance. For example, a name given by a Numerologist according to Chaldean system may have wrong numbers in the other system that will put your life into more troubles.

A bit about me. Iam Dr R Nageswara Rao alias Nageshraau (No surprises, this is my Numerologically corrected name), involved in the study of Astrology, Palmistry and Numerology since 1981. During the period from 1983 to 1993, I gave predictions to several people based on Numerology. Those days, people had less awareness on Numerology. But in recent years, Numerology is coming into limelight as more and more people are showing interest on this subject. I have started askastrologer.com website in the year 2005 and ever been offering my services in these subjects. I had thousands of happy clients whose appreciation makes me continue my efforts to share my knowledge to the welfare of all.

Recently, I realized that Numerology is a subject where proper research has not been undertaken. I have visited hundreds of websites on Numerology and found that most of these sites are spreading confusion in the minds of people. In some sites, the so called Numerologists are providing name corrections depending on Chaldean system. In some sites, they use only Pythagoras system. In some sites, a Numerology calculator is provided where the readers can type their name and get spelling suggestions to make their names lucky. These are highly dangerous and put the people into more troubles.

Most people consider Numerology as a study of numbers. It is not correct. Numerology is study of heart of numbers. A person who says 5 is enemy of 9 is not a Numerologist. He will become a Numerologist only when he knows the reason why 5 is enemy of 9. A person who says 5 will give business success is not a Numerologist. He will become a Numerologist only if he knows why 5 can give business success.

People need Numerologists who did real research on numbers, their subtle vibrational energies, the link between the numbers and cosmic energy, relationship between various numbers and their application to the prosperity of human beings. This is high time people needed real Numerology. numerologydesk.com has been created by me to quench this need.

Please note that you can get my services only from these two websites: askastrologer.com and numerologydesk.com and not from any other site.

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Spiritually yours,
Dr. Nageshraau
M.Sc. in Physics from Andhra University
PG Diploma in Sanskrit from Andhra University
PG Diploma in Computers from Berhampur University
M.A in Astrology from P.S Telugu University [Gold Medalist]
Ph.D in Astrology from P.S Telugu University